Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Fundamentals: Morning of DOOM

I have the books, the map creation software, the modding tools, and posters. If you have the comic, you are better than I. But we can all agree, DOOM was THE trademark design of FPS games in all generations.

When I was young the fast paced gunplay and blasting through hordes of enemies on godmode with infinate ammo was a damn sweet time. Now, as a game designer, I play it loud, alone, and in the dark. This game set the tone for all games in the future of its kind, pay close attention and you may notice this.

From the angle of design lets break down some of the fundamentals of this classic:

-Levels were designed with very open/close kinds of theme's. If there was a very open level you knew at one point or another you were going to have to get in close with some corridor enemies to get a keycard, or new weapon.

- Monsters were simple, and filled all voids of player need. Brainless/aimless zombies(fodder, aka Grunts), Fire spitting Imps that rip you apart up close(generals aka Elites), big pink hairless gorillas that gnaw you to death in the dark(Dogs of war aka Buggers), catching my drift?

- Player and game had a very understood bond over new fancy things. If you touch that keycard/weapon/healthpack/enticing thing, enemies were going to come from some secret room right behind you, and try to tear your asshole out.

ID, you guys invented the game we know as FPS. With these simple rules dozens of games have come from seemingly nowhere. Thanks guys for giving me hours of nightmares and years of fun!


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