Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Simon Says

So I've been working on my Game Maker skills at the same time I am roughing my own self up to finally just RELEASE something, anything really.

So I started working on a new idea, one that is easy, short, and somewhat cool looking. So I decided to try and make a new adaption of the old Simon memorization game. Its still the same as the old simon (the game tells you a button, you press it. Game adds new button to press after previous, you press the correct sequence, etc etc....) except that when you press the associated button, you see a character squish some kind of bug. Think, Guitar Hero meets side scroller...

I havent gotten much work done on it, but here's the first screen I took of the progress so far. It has random spawning trees that move in front of, and behind the main character. I had just started trying to get an actual Simon says terminal up but I'm an idiot and cant figure out how to have an item with multiple frames in it...

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