Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Full Indy: Static shoulders

So I was at a really cool Meet and Greet kind of event for Indie game designers in Vancouver and it was very interesting to see other opinions of our community. I was hoping to see more... appreciation for the industry of the indie designer. In the other hand I truly understand the opposite end of this sector. There are people out there, trying to pay the bills with indie titles.

I finally may have a programmer that I can rely on though! It however wasent at the meetup. An old friend of mine is finally getting back into his game design frame of mind and wants to work with me so its a shot, but its worth it.

Some more sketches for my NEST concept were thrown together on the bus as well. Thinking of watercoloring them tomorrow. Expectations are... dismal at best on that enterprise!

Thanks for the read, and thank you to Full Indie, you guys are cool. :D


PS - To those that are following this blog, this is a fantastic group of people that really want to push the innovation and greatness that is the indie market! http://www.fullindie.com/

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