Sunday, January 8, 2012

CWG: Heff 3000 & SHINY NEW GUN!

So I got mad at trying to make pixelate backgrounds for CWG and after a one sided yelling match I started playing with Flash. BOOM Heff 3000, final design/color, not final iteration. Have to re-draw her at least once more to re-orient her arms to the gun being infront of her now.



Animation skeleton holding complete gun & crazy face to make me laugh....:

Bye for now! And I will have animations/backgrounds done pretty soon I think.


  1. Has the pixel version and coloring been scrapped?

  2. Yeah... I just didn't have what it took to get the world up to the same fidelity with pixel art as I can with Flash. There is at least one more Heff on the way though so sound off and let me know what you liked about the pixel-Heff!?

  3. [Repost and edit]

    I'm a sucker for pixel art so maybe I'm just biased. Although I really liked to colors used for pixel-heff more than this one.

    One thing this one has going for it is that it looks a lot more bad-ass, which is what you're going for I guess?

  4. As am I a sucker for good pixel art!
    I think I may go back over the coloring, may just try a re-skin with the old colors that is.

    Ehhhh, not really going for bad-ass. I'm aiming for the game to be goofy, Earth Worm Jim kinda goofy. So if you get the BA vibe, maybe I should play with her expression.

    Thanks for the input mate!